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We can help your San Diego business with HR and Payroll Systems


San Diego HR & Payroll Products

Two of the most essential components of any San Diego company is Payroll and Human Resources (also known as HR). Without an efficient and effective payroll system, employees will not get paid in-full and on-time. And Human Resources gives your company a direct line between employees and management while also allowing you to stay in compliance with complex state and federal regulations regarding employee benefits and labor. Both services are directly tied to insurance coverage. Payroll and HR for a San Diego company can be complicated and difficult to traverse which is why elpe Insurance Brokerage partners with companies in order to offer Payroll and HR products and services.

What are our Payroll and Human Resource Products & Services?

Payroll services offered help pay your employees on time, track employee time, report payroll to required agencies, generate tax reports and countless other issues that affect employee payroll. HR products allow you to effectively enroll, track and report employment benefits, paperwork and requirements. Insurance policies have long tentacles that wrap itself around various different components of your San Diego business, including Payroll and HR. Many of your insurance premiums are directly linked to your business HR and Payroll systems in a way that can be very complicated. That is why elpe partners with companies that specialize in HR and Payroll in order to make it a seamless and efficient part of your business. We also work hard to make sure that the insurance premiums for you and your employees are accurate and in-check. Keep your mind at ease with elpe Insurance Brokerage connecting you to Payroll and HR services for your San Diego business.

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elpe Insurance Brokerage is the choice in San Diego for business insurance coverage. We give each and every plan a personal touch. Unlike other insurance brokers, we take the time to give you an insurance plan that fits your needs, not just a cookie cutter policy that is one-size-fits-all. That includes our Payroll and HR services. To get started, contact elpe Insurance Brokerage today by calling 1-800-685-7176.

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