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Workers' Compensation Insurance from elpe San Diego


elpe San Diego offers comprehensive workers' compensation insurance at an affordable price.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Injuries happen on the job. This is true for any injury, be it getting burnt on the coffee machine in the breakroom or materials hitting your eye while working in the shipyard. However, there are certain professionals that are much more prone to injury than the typical desk jockey. If you have a business in a field that features dangerous jobs with employees prone to injuries, you need to invest in Workers’ Compensation Insurance from elpe Insurance Brokerage in San Diego.

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance for a San Diego Business?

Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that is provided by employers that cover work and employment related injuries. Oftentimes abbreviated as “workers comp”, workers compensation is a law requirement for companies to make payments towards the health and wellbeing of employees who got injured while on the job. Work comp benefits include medical, disability, income, death and burial costs paid to the injured employee and keeps the employee from suing the employer for the injury.

What Types of Jobs Are Prone to Injuries That Require Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

You need workers’ compensation insurance no matter the business because California state law requires it and you never know when an accident might strike. However, if you work in construction, as a longshoreman, with scaffolding, in industrial manufacturing or in another job that works with heavy equipment, large objects, and potentially dangerous environments, Workers’ Compensation Insurance should be an integral part of your business operation.

Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage for Your Business From elpe Insurance Brokerage in San Diego

Keep your employees and your business protected with workers’ compensation insurance from elpe Insurance Brokerage in San Diego. I will work closely with your business to find the plan that works best for your company and go to great lengths to explain exactly what your plan consists of so there are no surprises down the road. Contact elpe Insurance Brokerage for more details.

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